Photo by David Reid

About Me

I work at Red Hat, where I do community stuff with the RDO project, which is an OpenStack distribution.

I blog and podcast at, and I use Twitter. I occasionally post on, and intend to post there a lot more often.

My photos are on Flickr.

I'm a member, and currently the Executive Vice President, of the Apache Software Foundation. I'm somewhat active on the Apache Web Server documentation project.

I've written several books, as well as some short stories. I'm currently working on the next edition of my mod_rewrite book.

I speak at a lot of conferences.

I hack on various Open Source things.

I occasionally do a podcast called FeatherCast, about the Apache Software Foundation.

I grew up in Kenya, and started the first website, ever, about Kenya, back in 1992. It's still running, although it's showing its age.

My wife is an artist. She sells stuff on CafePress and Etsy. You should buy some.